Satin Benefits

Benefits of satin pillowcases for your hair

We reached out to board certified dermatologist Jessie Cheung, MD, to find out what a satin pillowcase can do for your hair.

According to Cheung, the benefits of satin pillowcases for your hair (and skin) are courtesy of the smooth, slippery surface, which decreases friction and tugging.

What do less friction and pulling mean for your hair?

Frizz protection

Since satin is a smooth fabric, it doesn’t rough up the hair cuticle like a regular pillowcase might. The result is less frizz. Rejoice curly haired friends!

Fewer tangles

Fabrics, like cotton, don’t let your hair move when you change positions during sleep and, ahem, other bedtime activities.

If your hair is fine, dry, or prone to tangling, the silkiness of a satin pillowcase means no more waking up and looking like a matted Yorkie.

Less chance of hair breakage

Fine-haired folks or those experiencing hair loss, listen up!

Less friction and tugging from a satin pillowcase can lead to fewer broken hairs, according to Cheung. Not having to brush through tangles will also help reduce breakage.

Your favorite style will last longer

Same reason as above: The slicker the surface, the less likely it is to muss things up. It can help preserve your blowout or salon style for a few days longer than a cotton pillowcase might.

Satin pillowcase benefits for your skin

“Satin pillowcases can add to our beauty sleep,” says Cheung.

Cheung says the same benefits the slippery surface provides for your hair translate to your skin.

Let’s break these benefits down:

Fewer skin creases

The slippery surface results in fewer creases on our face, says Cheung. Those pillow lines usually diminish after you get up, but there’s research that, over time, skin stretching and pulling that happens overnight can contribute to permanent sleep wrinkles.

They may help retain your skin’s moisture

If you have dry skin, a satin pillowcase may help. As Cheung explains, satin isn’t as drying as cotton, so it makes it easier to maintain the skin’s hydration.

Satin pillowcases can help acne

Many people believe that sleeping on a smoother surface, like satin, can help if you have acne. The reasoning: Less friction from your pillowcase results in less irritation.

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